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Why use low-energy light bulbs?

How eco-friendly bulbs work

With old-fashioned incandescent bulbs, less than 10% of the energy goes towards creating light. The rest is wasted as heat. So when you plug in a 100W bulb, you're effectively plugging in a 90W heater and a 10W bulb. It's the other way around with compact flourescent bulbs. They create very little heat, putting most of the energy straight into light production.

There are four very strong reasons why you'd be crazy not to buy our lightbulbs…

1. Better for the planet

Low-energy light bulbs use up to five times less power than old-fashioned incandescent bulbs to produce the same amount of light. That means up to five times less CO2 emissions from power stations and fives times less contribution to climate change.

2. Better for your wallet

Old-fashioned bulbs are a terrible waste of money. It's possible to save £50 by replacing one bulb. And we sell them from just £1 each!

3. Better lifespan

Good-quality low-energy bulbs last – on average – for around six years of typical use, which means less time and expense replacing bulbs that have blown.

4. Support Oxfam

This site's profits are donated to Oxfam, to support good causes in the developing world – including projects designed to tackle climate change.