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Are eco-friendly light bulbs actually any good?

Yes! Modern, brand-name, low-energy bulbs are very good indeed. But we understand that you may have been put off by eco bulbs of the past.

Old bulbs new bulbsGreen bulbs of the past… urgh!

Ten or so years ago, low-energy bulbs were hard to love. They were expensive, they flickered for ages before switching on and they produced weak, artificial-looking light that tended to make everyone in the room look slightly unwell.

Modern green bulbs… altogether brighter

Today, things are different. The bulbs we sell switch on instantly and produce plenty of nice, clear, warm light. And if you don't like the tubular shape of normal eco-bulbs, you can even get modern low-energy bulbs in traditional shapes.

The only downside of our modern compact flourescent bulbs is that they take a few seconds to reach their maximum light levels. So when you turn on a 100W-equivalent bulb, it may look more like a 40W bulb for the first 10 seconds or so. We feel that's a very small price to pay for five times less CO2 emissions and savings of up to £75 per bulb.